Looking for a legit sneaker cleaning product? Wondering what cleaner to use for a certain type of sneaker material? When dealing with high-priced sneakers or limited-edition kicks, Clyde Premium Shoe Cleaner offers a range of natural, mild and no harsh chemicals for all your sneaker needs guaranteed to give your pair of kicks the TLC it deserves – looking box-fresh in no time.



We here this a lot “Rock don’t Stock” or “One to Rock and One to Stock” for whatever the case maybe there must be some cleaning going on in between and we highly recommend Clyde Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner.

Clyde Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner is 99.1 % natural which derived from coconut and jojoba oils that releases dirt, dust, grime and stains easily. It has no harsh chemicals, no bleaches and artificial fragrances that penetrates and conditions your sneakers to prevent from cracking, discoloration and scuffing with long-term use.

It also comes with a set of premium horsehair brush for the uppers, slightly firm brush for the midsole and undersole and microfiber towel to get the job done – the Clyde Kit.

Use with canvas, cotton, knits, mesh, nylon and patent leather sneakers.



Bacteria and foot sweat can cause your sneakers smelly. Knock down the horrible foul odor and soak up the unwanted moisture by liberally spraying Clyde Odor Eliminator Spray inside the sneaker footbed. Clyde Odor Eliminator Spray is blended with natural tea tree, petit grain, lemon and lavender essential oils that disinfects bacteria causing mildew. It works even on the hard to mask foul odors. Clyde Odor Eliminator is tested on garbage, cigarette smoke, pets and bathroom stinks.


Sneaker stench don’t stand a chance by slipping Clyde Activated Charcoal Inserts into each sneaker and leave overnight to absorb odor and moisture from sweat that builds up inside your sneakers and get rid of the unpleasant smell that starts to reek. Clyde Activated Charcoal Shoe Inserts is an activated carbon that absorbs moisture preventing bacteria and foul odor from creeping up keeping your pairs fresh before and after every use. It is made from rice husks, invasive weeds and grasses that are truly sustainable and environment friendly.


There’s nothing like unboxing a new pair of sneakers until mud, beverage and food stains enter the picture.  Give your kicks some weatherproofing spray by using Clyde Nanotechnology Water and Stain Repellent.

Clyde Nanotechnology Water and Stain Repellent is a water-based nanotechnology that contains UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors which protect your kicks against liquid and dirt as well as keep safe its color. It is non-toxic and non-flammable that could lasts up to a month or two compare to other aerosol brands in the market.

Best for suedes, nubucks, canvas and other closed knit sneaker materials.



Packing for vacation is a painstaking task and storing your kicks require a little bit more attention than the rest of your travel belongings.  Keep your sneakers cleaned and protected with this clever set of two high quality, soft cotton flannel Clyde Shoe Bags. It’s easy-to-use with a simple drawstring pull to open and close them. Each pouch is large enough to store sneakers up to size 16. Its natural, soft cotton material allow sneakers to breath preventing from mold and odor. At just 2 ounces (without the sneaker), using them help keeps weight to a minimum.


Everyone has at least one leather shoes or bag that needs proper leather care not only to make it look better but could last longer. Clyde Leather de la Crème helps you for a quick touchup in giving the leather shoes the shine and ultimately repairs the damaged material.

Clyde Leather de la Crème is made of natural ingredients that reduce scuffs and minor scratches as it effectively softens stiff leather without the greasy after-feel. It also controls mildew and works as a water repellent.

It can also be used for leather purses, jackets, furniture and car seats.


Suedes are considered one of the most sensitive sneaker materials to clean -- they discolor; they become stiff when saturated with cleaners; they even attract mildew build-up. Luckily Clyde is giving you a solution to easily clean them without damaging the material. If you have suedes, you’ll love Clyde Suede and Nubuck Care Kit. It has a cleaning block and a premium horsehair brush that erases dirt marks and stains.


With Clyde Premium Shoe Cleaner, rest assured that your sneakers are in good hands – cleaned, deodorized, protected, conditioned and revived! Available in Capital, Lazada, Runnr, Shopee, Sole Academy, Sole Slam, Toby’s Sports, Urban Athletics, Zalora, Zilingo and soon worldwide!