Why switch to natural, mild and non-toxic sneaker cleaners?

Why switch to natural, mild and non-toxic sneaker cleaners?

When it comes to choosing the right sneaker cleaning products, how sure are you? Did you know that some sneaker cleaners contain harsh ingredients that can potentially damage your pairs as well harm the environment?

Here are the five (5) reasons to go for earth-friendly sneaker cleaning products:

1.) Know what’s in the product. Made of soaps derived from coconut oil it. A Sulfate-free cleaner that’s non-irritating. There’s no other cleaner out there in the market that’s safe to use even for kids to try and learn at a young age on how to take care and clean their own sneakers.

2.) Cruelty-free. The products are not tested on animals which allows you in using them with good conscience; making the purchaser a more compassionate consumer.

3.) No harm to the environment. It's easy on the planet. Leaves no chemical residue in your drains. Therefore, does not add up to chemical water pollution caused by everyday laundry detergents or household cleaners compare to other brands that adversely affects the environment with its downright harmful contents.

4.) Goodbye to skin irritation. The cleaner has a neutral pH of 7 milder than your everyday bath soaps which guaranteed mild for the delicate and expensive materials of your pairs.

5.) Become a ‘Green Role Model’. Once you start using eco-friendly sneaker cleaning products and see how well it effectively works, others will mostly likely to follow. It is also a great way to start the conversation about ‘going green’. As more join in, it guarantees a better, healthier environment for us to enjoy!




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